Occupational therapy for individuals

Every person we see is individual and their requirements for an OT differs. We will always ensure we fully understand the reason you are wanting a private OT and tailor our services according to this. We can be flexible with when we visit you, so that the appointments can be scheduled at a time that is convenient to you.

It might be that because of illness, an accident or the ageing process you are finding things more difficult to complete.


We offer three areas of expertise for individuals to assist with these difficulties.

Specialist housing advice

We have extensive experience and expertise of providing home assessments and design of major and minor home adaptations for individuals. Whether you are after advice and support within one area of your home only or looking to complete large scale changes to your home, we have the expertise to guide you through this process.

We have extensive experience in assisting individuals to design and complete adaptations to their properties including:

  • bathrooms: to create accessible showers or baths and install specialist toilets
  • modify their kitchens to allow easier completion of cooking tasks
  • overcome access difficulties with internal or external stairs by installing stairlifts, lifts or ramps.

We can source reputable builders and suppliers on your behalf to complete all adaptation works that are needed. It may be that you are seeking advice for yourself, your parents, your child or another family member. We value the importance that the aesthetic look and feel of an adaptation can have on your home and will work with you to ensure that all adaptations are completed to a standard you will be proud of, complementing the look and style of your home. We will always ensure we fully understand what you are wanting to achieve with a home adaptation and then provide our clinical expertise to make this a reality.

If you are wanting to apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) but there is a long waiting time to see an OT from your local authority, you may wish to consider using a private OT to complete the assessment and provide you with recommendations to provide to your local authority to apply for a grant. We have detailed knowledge and experience of the DFG process and can provide advice and support with your application.

Specialist equipment advice, provision and training

It may be that what you require is the use of specialist equipment or technology to enable you to complete daily living activities with greater ease. Following completion of a functional assessment with you, where we ask you about the difficulties you’re having as well as observing you completing these tasks, we can provide you with advice about the most appropriate equipment for you.

It might be that you’d benefit from using a rise and recline chair, or a certain seat for your bath to make it easier getting in and out. Maybe you need some adapted cutlery to make cooking and eating easier. Whatever your difficulty is, we can provide advice and recommendations on a range of equipment options available to you.

We can arrange for the purchase of this equipment from reputable retailers and get it delivered to your home if required. We can also ensure it’s installed for you and if you require any practice or training on how to use it we can arrange this for you.

Moving and handling

If you or a family member are having difficulties moving around at home, we can review this with you and provide advice, equipment recommendations and training to ensure that this is being done in the safest way possible. We have extensive experience of training people to use hoists and other moving and handling equipment. If you are considering adaptations to your home, we can also ensure that any moving and handling equipment is incorporated into the designs for the changes that are being made to your home.

We often get asked to provide training and support to family members so that they can assist you to be moved safely in and around your home.

We can also see people who are living in care homes or nursing homes and provide full moving and handling assessment and advice to staff at the home.