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Providing a high-quality service

We are experts at providing the specialist Occupational Therapy input that your clients require. Over many years we have gained a reputation for providing a high-quality service to ensure clients can return to living an independent and fulfilling life after experiencing a life changing injury.

We have experience of working with clients who have experienced catastrophic injuries including spinal cord injury, brain injury, loss of limbs and other significant orthopaedic injuries. We will complete a comprehensive functional assessment with your client and provide you with a detailed report clearly outlining their current needs and recommendations to enable increased independence at home and in their communities.

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Designing and adapting your home

We will complete a thorough functional assessment with your client as well as a detailed environmental review. We can then use our expertise to design adaptations to the property and provision of specialist equipment that will ensure your clients accommodation is suitable for their requirements. We can source reputable builders and suppliers to complete all adaptation works that are needed, project managing this for you if required.

Purchasing or renting a new home

If your client is unable to return to their home after an accident due to its unsuitability, we can assist in proving clear advice about what is required for a new home. Significant time, effort and cost can be saved by having a housing OT review of any property before it is purchased or rented to ensure that any adaptations required to the property are feasible.

Designing and building a new home

We have experience of working throughout the design phases of building a new home and can work in conjunction with your clients architects and builders to ensure that all aspects of the property are suitable for your clients functional needs. Getting the design right before building commences is vital to the success of a new build project.

Assessing your clients equipment needs

As part of our functional assessment we will review all the difficulties your client may be having and consider provision of specialist equipment or technology that enables them to live more independently and increase their well-being. Our reports will include clear recommendations for equipment and technology to be purchased, along with costings and follow up advice regarding their use.

Moving and handling assessment and training

Simon is Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) qualified to train the trainer level and this combined with his years of experience completing moving and handling assessments, reviews and providing training means he can offer your client a complete moving and handling package. We can complete detailed risk assessments with your client, carers and family members, making recommendations for equipment required and techniques to be used. We can then arrange individualised training for your client, carers and family to ensure correct and efficient use of the moving and handling equipment.


One of the keys to achieving successful rehabilitation outcomes is the setting of client-centred goals at the start of the rehabilitation process. Through our detailed assessment process, we will work with your client to devise goals for their rehabilitation. We have worked with clients in a variety of settings to devise and implement functional goal based rehabilitation programmes to meet their individual needs. Every rehabilitation programme is unique to the person involved, so we will tailor the programme to your clients individual requirements.