Private Occupational Therapy
Sussex, Kent & London

Independent Occupational Therapy for case managers, solicitors, individuals, local authorities and housing associations.

Clinical expertise in housing design and adaptation, specialist equipment provision, moving and handling and rehabilitation.

Simon Murnane, Occupational Therapist

As an Occupational Therapist I love being able to devise creative and innovative solutions to enable my clients to live independent and fulfilling lives. I set up Connect OT with the aim of using my skills and experience to make a significant difference to people’s lives. I really enjoy helping people to make changes in their lives that have a positive impact to them and their families.


Keeping your home looking like a home

Occupational Therapists are skilled at looking at your current needs but also your future needs. We can provide you with the correct advice so that you don’t spend your time and money on adaptations to your home or equipment that won’t meet your longer term needs.

Whether you are looking for advice for yourself or a family member, contact us to discuss your needs further.


Housing and equipment specialists

We work with clients who have experienced life changing catastrophic injuries and provide the specialist housing and equipment advice they need to ensure their home is designed and adapted to create an accessible and aesthetically pleasing home environment that enables them to live independent lives


Helping you meet your statutory duties

We offer a range of professional and cost-effective services to local authorities and housing associations including housing and equipment assessments, professional advice, mentoring and support to teams.